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A Prime Kiss RQ | The Undertaker X Reader
"Well, you see, my dear," The man smiled evilly. You could only guess what kind of expression was hidden under his bangs. "That skull there is a very precious item, yes," You circled around the coffin table in the center of the dark room, studying the infamous Undertaker carefully. You kept a careful hand on the pistol strapped to your thigh. Your black attire covered the holster well.
"And why is it so important?" You questioned. He leaned his elbows on the table and laced his fingers together, placing his chin on his hands. "If you leave it in such plain sight, an infidel may try to take it from you." He grinned his signature cat-toothed smile and spoke softly.
"It just so happens that this very skull belonged to a girl I once loved." He (well, this is assumed) looked away wistfully, as if recalling the good memories he had with this girl. "Emerald, I called her. Died of a disease to the head, poor thing." His smile faded slightly. "She gave me what I loved most. A prime smile
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On Tour | Dan Avidan X Reader
"This is absolutely fucking ridiculous." Danny pinched the bridge of his nose and closed his eyes. You stayed leaning against the wall in silent exasperation. What wasn't to understand?
"This is a small thing! Why are you freaking out?" You moaned. "All I want to do is a little tour with the girls. Three gigs, four days. You're not even coming with us!" You flicked a stray hair out of your eyes. "Why are you flipping your shit all of a sudden?"
"I'm not flipping shit because of your tour, I'm flipping shit because Arin, Ross, and Barry are in Canada, Kevin's at a funeral, and Suzy has pneumonia." He took a deep breath. "And now you want to leave. I can't record by myself, I don't know how to edit footage, and I sure as hell cant run this place alone." Dan finally opened his eyes and stared you down. You cocked an eyebrow and licked the corner of your lip.
"Come with me." Danny's head snapped up the second the words left your mouth. You took a deep breath and groaned loudly for w
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Under My Spell | Felix Kjellberg X Reader
The voices bouncing off the walls grew slightly softer as the lights in the back of the club dimmed. Felix moped against a wall while Dan tried to cheer him up, noticing Phil return with drinks in both hands. He sighed in relief.
"Thank god. He refuses to even smile at anything I'm saying, and I'm being fucking hilarious here," Dan moaned. "Felix, buddy, why'd you come with us if you didn't want to have fun?" Phil gave him a stern look, handing him the drink.
"Dan, don't be mean. Breakups are hard for everyone." He rubbed Felix's back in slow circles, attempting to soothe him. Felix shoved his hands in his pockets. "The band's about to start, right? You love music."
"Yeah." He nodded at Dan. "Sorry, bro. I just..." His breath hitched in his throat. Don't cry now. Your friends are here! "I thought she was the one." Dan gave him a sympathetic look and a small smile.
"RIGHT." The three slapped their hands over their ears at the screeching feedback over the speakers at
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Exchanges | Tsukishima Kei X French! Reader | 2
"Marie, c'est plus q'une amie!" [First] pleaded, tugging on her indignant friend's sleeve. Kei watched from the doorway, waiting to take the French femme fatale to his volleyball practice. She said a goodbye to Marie and skipped over to him, smiling brightly and looping her arm through his. He fought to push the blush creeping up his neck back down. "Let's go to volleyball!" She cheered in perfect Japanese. He was jealous, honestly. In the month he'd known her, she was speaking Japanese just as well as any other person, whereas he only knew basic French. It was exausting, keeping up with her, but he tried his best. He fancied her, after all.
"Yeah." He led her through the halls towards the gym, weaving through the throngs of after-school students to reach it. He pushed the doors open with a grunt to find it empty. He set his bag down on a bench and turned back to her, finding her running her fingers along the net and gazing around in awe.
"C'est come ma domicile..." She breathed.
:iconbloomingiris:bloomingiris 8 2
Exchanges | Tsukishima Kei X French! Reader
Disclaimer: Lots of the dialogue in this fic is written in French! Google translate may help for lack of bilingualism. *Squeals* Am I the only one here who wishes that there was more French taught in school? Gosh, I'm pretty sure I'm the only Irish person I know who speaks French as their first language. Also, heads up, when the characters speak English in the story, it's actually meant to be interpreted as Japanese. *Hides*
"Ayoye, mes livres! Merde, merde..." The girl muttered, bending to pick up her fallen textbooks. Her nametag said [First], a name that Tsukishima could tell wasn't Japanese. The tag said 'Exchange Student: France'. The new students for Karasuno's foreign exchange system had arrived that day, and aside from the three Thai girls in the year above him, he hadn't seen anyone yet who wasn't English.
He didn't really like the program.
More names to memorize, greetings to learn, language barriers to be crossed. It was lots of work, and quite frankly, he didn't need to mee
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Seeing You | Makoto Tachibana X Reader
"Mako?" She called, walking the corridors of the empty Iwatobi High. Makoto grinned devilishly, watching her stroll through the sunset-drenched hallways. She passed under the roof on which he stood and went towards the stairs leaning to his spot. He pushed his hair out of his eyes and leaned against the wall beside the door, hiding himself from immediate view. The [Tall/Short] girl stepped through the heavy door to the rooftop, unaware of the ambush she had yet to experience. "Hello?" Makoto leaped out from his hiding spot and tackled the girl to the ground.
"[First]!" He laughed at her surprised expression, watching it melt into one of laughter as well. He blushed a little, seeing her beautiful laughter, but shook it away quickly. He had a mission to complete.
Mission [First].
Objective: Show her your feelings.
Status: Underway.
The girl had fallen silent, watching Makoto study her face. A mixture of pure innocent admiration and lust glowed in his eyes. The girl only now realized the
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Prove It | Levi Ackerman X Reader
"It's so dark."
"Yeah, isn't it pretty?"
"Look at all those stars..."
Levi watched silently as Hanji, Petra, and [First] gaped at the twinkling sky. The stars flickered and flashed high above the group. The women pored over a map, pointing out constellations(with a bit of help from Erwin). Levi couldn't help but admit that he was mesmerized himself. The sparse, but bright, lights reminded him of [First]'s eyes. She glanced back at him for a moment, giving him a shy smile.
"Heichou," The girl called, turning away from her friends. The squad leader's eyes were full of wonder and amazement at the sky she was watching. "Come look at the stars with us."
Levi shook his head. "I'm fine." She smiled sadly and pulled his hands into hers, tugging him towards the group. "Let go, brat,"
"We're the same age," She giggled. "Lighten up. What would your boyfriend think?"
He stopped dead in his tracks. "Excuse me?" She looked back at him and stifled a laugh.
"You know," She said haughtily. "Hee hee...t
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The Ace And The Ice Queen | Asahi Azumane X Reader
"Tsukishima, stop," You breathed. Your hand gripped his wrist tighter.
"Oh, I'm sorry, [First]. I was too caught up in conversation with the King." He smirked. Tobio clenched his fists, Shoyo tried to calm him down. Kei watched on with a horrible look on his face. The rest of the team crowded around in silent anticipation. Most of them were used to it, save for Yuu and Asahi. Nishinoya didn't really care, but Asahi, with his heart of glass, hated to see the team fight. He hated when Kei and Tobio quarrelled, hated when people had to get involved, but hated most of all when you had to. [First][Last], designated coach's assistant/practice middle blocker, with her glare of ice and resolve made of fire, was the worst person to cross.
Asahi knew this first hand.
"You need to go back to them." Someone said. Asahi resisted the urge to look, but instead kept his eyes trained on the glass window to the inside of the gym. The Karasuno Boys Volleyball team trained eagerly behind the walls. The
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Why She Stayed | Reiner Braun X Reader
"Why are you still here?"
"I don't understand."
"I'm a killer."
"You've seen it. Why...why did you stay?"
"Why do you think?"
The only distance between you and Reiner now was the one that he put between you.
"I still don't know..."
Air seemed like only a suggestion, not a necessity.
"That's why."
Reiner hadn't breathed for minutes.
He couldn't. Not when he was so tired. And you were shining so brightly.
"I need to see you realize why I'm here."
She was there for the same reason he was...right?
"To help...break the walls..."
She shook her head and stood. He reached out to her helplessly and watched her walk away, out of the room, into the sunlight.
"I don't know if you'll ever figure that one out." She sighed. He clumsily scrambled up from his seat on the floor and ran after her. Something clicked in his mind, and it was like his world crumbled and opened up at the same time.
"Wait!" He yelped. He grabbed her hand and turned her around.
And then they w
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Hate | Tsukishima Kei X Reader
"Don't get snippy when I'm picking glass out of your shoulder." You sighed, pulling another piece out of Tsukishima's skin. He glared out the window, refusing to make eye contact. You winced when he hissed in pain. "God, how you've managed to fall on a fucking beaker is beyond me."
"I was pushed." He spat. You picked a final shard out and cleaned the wound, bandaging it up gingerly and pulling his sleeve down.
"Doesn't matter. I'm done." He stood and stretched out, pushing his glasses up his nose. He angrily watched the last students file out of the now-empty classroom. "I wouldn't suggest going to practice today, maybe tomorrow, depending on how you feel."
"Don't tell me what to do..." He growled.
"Excuse you, I just cleaned glass out of your fucking skin!" You felt your face heat up with rage. After years of putting up with his shit, and picking up after him around every corner, this was how he repaid you? With cold glares and snark? "Show a little appreciation once in a while
:iconbloomingiris:bloomingiris 27 12
Moron | Student! Levi X Thug Boss! Reader - 2
"This is impossible," Levi groaned, tapping his pencil against his temple. The professor at the front of the auditorium droned on in front of a slide show. The entire class was practically asleep, save for a bright eyed blonde at the front. What was her name? Kyra? Klein? Krista. She was pretty, yeah, but she wasn't intriguing. Without her looks and amazingly scary girlfriend Ymir, she was a bit of an airhead. Not interesting. He turned back to his paper, narrowly avoiding the venomous gaze of said girlfriend.
"Excuse me," A loud voice said. The lecturer turned to the interrupter, Levi ignoring them both. "Yes...thank you, sir."
"Levi!" The prof called. He looked up to see [First][Last], the infamous gang leader, standing next to the man, wearing a low-cut top and skinny jeans, bright green headphones around her neck. The professor beckoned for Levi to come down. Of course it's her, he groaned internally. great timing, Thug Queen. At any other time, Levi would have been h
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Moron | Student! Levi Rivaille X Thug Boss! Reader
"So aside from demonstrating how fucking moronic you are, why are you here?" You tugged on the edge of your fingerless glove with your teeth, eyes trained on the student in front of you. The short boy pulled on the collar of his shirt anxiously. Your friends stood on either side of you with bared fists and sloppy smirks, watching the fun. "Answer me." You growled.
"I just came to drop off your h-history books, be-c-cause you forgot them in class..." He stuttered. You grinned underneath your gas mask. ( "Have I finally broken the stoic Levi Ackerman?" You chuckled. The boy glared at you under the dim light.
"No." He clenched his fists at his sides. the fearful expression he was wearing dropped off and was replaced by one of pure hatred.
"Really?" Eren scoffed. I glanced at him by my side. The hood of his sleeveless sweater was pulled up, and a bandana covered his mouth. His arms were crossed over his chest. "Wasn't even a second ago you were
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Cowardice | Jean Kirschtein X Reader Part 5
"It's beyond me why we're still assembled here." You confessed. "To be honest, it's a fucking idiotic move."
"Why is that?" Levi deadpanned.
"We know the Military Police have our location. Hitch and Marlo are here, aren't they?" You gestured to the teens in the corner. "They're not our enemies, but them being sent here means they know where we are. If we stay here, we're screwed."
"She's right." Marlo sighed. "We're vulnerable. The Central Police have probably noticed we're not back by now. We have a few days at the most before they attack us."
"Well, aren't you the genius." Jean growled. You put a hand on his arm, but he refused to calm down. "We're all gonna die anyway, so why don't you just lead them to us?!"
"Jean!" You scolded. "You're the one who let them in here. It was your test." He shook his head and blinked curiously at you.
"Sorry..." He mumbled. He probably wasn't. The others shifted uncomfortably in their seats. Armin looked the least nervous, despite being the wor
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Get It? | Levi Rivaille X Reader
"I hate being stuck up here." Connie groaned, scooping broth into his mouth.
"Me too." Sasha replied, already finished her dinner. You propped your chin up with your hand and stared out the window. Raindrops pattered on the roof above. The tiny room was packed full, even with the small size of Squad Levi. Jean shifted in his seat next to you.
"Suck it up, you morons." Levi grumbled, lifting a cup of tea to his lips. "Would you rather be rotting in a prison cell?" They shook their heads simultaneously.
"Are you feeling okay?" Jean murmured in your ear. You nodded shortly and shifted your gaze to his face. He was watching you intently with a look of yearning painted across his features. You squeezed his thigh and grinned at him mischievously.
See, the whole squad knew Jean had a thing for you. Even Levi. Perhaps the whole corps, were it not practically disbanded by now. You weren't completely oblivious about it. Sure, not returning the feelings, but not stringing him along, either. You k
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Insomniac | Levi Rivaille X Reader
•~•Written In Third Person View, With Gender Neutral Pronouns The Reader Can Supply For Themselves.•~•
The ghost of a breeze fluttered over [First]'s exposed back and made them cringe. They slipped a white button-up shirt and opened the creaky wooden door. [First] padded down the tiled hall with bare feet and tired eyes, searching in the dark for the kitchen door. They pushed it open silently and pulled out a chair. They boiled a pot and poured a steaming cup of tea. [First] sat across from the chair they had pulled out and drank their tea, imagining their fallen friend sitting with them. They imagined laughing and crying with them, sharing stories and tea like old times. But no matter how hard they tried, an empty chair was an empty chair. They couldn't change that.
"[First], it's the middle of the night." Levi Rivaille entered and sat in their friend's chair. They nodded silently and gripped the mug tighter, letting the warmth seep into the musty air. "What ar
:iconbloomingiris:bloomingiris 13 8
Fighters | Levi Rivaille X Scrappy! Reader
"If you dipshits fight near me again, I will eviscerate you." You hissed, pinching Jean's ear. He winced and turned away from you in distaste.
"Get over yourself." He mumbled. You scoffed and stepped through his legs, brushing against his crotch slightly, distracting him like you intended, and brought your foot up, getting the painful reaction you desired. "Ngh..." He moaned, crumpling to the ground. You wiped your lips with the back of your hand and turned to a fuming Eren. He grinned at you manically, watching Jean roll on the ground in pain.
"Nice one." He high fived you and slapped you on the back a bit.
"That goes for you too." You said, in a much nicer tone than the one you used with Jean. "No fights around me. Don't make me get Corporal Cranky involved."
"Excuse me?" You turned towards the voice and met steely blue eyes. Said Corporal had walked up silently. You were terrified. Not for yourself, actually. The man had a soft spot for you, being the scrappy take-no-s
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Character Design Challenge - Bellatrix Lestrange :iconmeomai:MeoMai 649 33 P.Soldier, graphic novel :iconedufrancisco:eDufRancisco 524 23
Haikyuu!! Kisses (Kageyama x Reader)
**Language...because, Kageyama...***
Tobio Kageyama had just experienced, by far, the most fulfilling school year of his life. Not only did he do well in volleyball, but he grew in the sport, learned how to be a team player, made friends for the first time ever, and took on opponents he never could have won against without the other members of Karasuno. He had definitely been able to open up more to developing social skills with the help of Hinata, Tanaka, Suga, and the rest of his team.
One area where he hadn't made any improvements, however, was where it concerned talking to girls. He'd been trying to figure out how to approach women, but Kageyama was still at a loss. It wasn't as if his teammates fared much better. There were only two people he knew that really seemed to just have some kind of natural skill, when it came to having girls flock to them, though giving back totally different responses to their fans; Tsukishima and Oikawa-- but he certainly wasn't going to as
:iconthatgingahninja:ThatGingahNinja 419 84
Hair [Kuroo Tetsurou x Reader]
Author's Note:
The first time you touched Kuroo Tetsurou’s hair was during a rainy day.
It poured like tomorrow wouldn't come, blustering. In fact, you could barely make out the school gate from the entranceway.
Fortunately, you didn't seem to be the only one who forgot their umbrella. A guy you recognized as someone from the class next to yours was standing under the last bit of shelter the school provided, just staring blankly at the rain. You made your way next to him, doing the exact same thing. It wasn't like you could do anything else, really.
He greeted you with a nod, and you answered with a curt smile.
Warning: Awkward silence coming to pass.
But, strangely enough, that didn't happen. The absence of sound stretched between the two of you but for some reason, it didn’t feel empty. You weren't sure if it was because of the rain, or if it was because silence was just naturally comforta
:iconamereaberration:AMereAberration 951 95
[Prize] Jealous? | Jean Kirschtein
Prize for icyfalls
The birds chirped outside, their jovial melody floating through the moist morning air. The sun rose from its heavy slumber, taking over its darker sister's place; a sign of a new day at the Trainees Camp.
Sunlight filled the room, its warm rays seeping through the thin pale curtains of the girls barracks. They lightly touched the soft skin of a sleeping (h/c)-haired girl; in response to the warm, tingling sensation on her cheek, her eyes fluttered open.
With a blurred vision, ______ slowly sat up and scanned the room lazily. She then kneaded her fists into her eye sockets to get rid of the remaining sleep before yawning. Her best friend, Ymir, is still snoring away on her bunk, her drool staining the white pillow.
'No one is up yet... Might as well get ready early,' ______ thought, carefully hopping off of her bed. Heading over to her dresser, she grabbed her uniform before leaving the room, the door silently closing behind her.
______ s
:iconxxchocomelkgirlxx:xXChocoMelkGirlXx 277 39
Haikyuu!! Kisses (Oikawa x Reader)
Tooru Oikawa was laying on his back on his couch, staring vacantly at the ceiling. He was thinking of a certain someone again; about the way you moved your fingers to gently soothe your neck after sitting at your desk all day, the way you laughed when you thought no one was looking that charmed him so, and most of all, the way you couldn't be bothered to put up with the showy side of him. Only a few of his closest friends saw through that façade of his, but you had been able to spot it from the start.
He liked it. No. He loved that about you.
True. At first, he had hated that about you. It was too much like himself. He didn't like not being the most observant person in the room.
He generally portrayed himself in a way that made him popular, and he did have a lot of those traits, but he turned to that even when there were times he would have acted much differently if no one was around. He put on airs that he deserved to be the most popular person
:iconthatgingahninja:ThatGingahNinja 599 133
Decadence (SebastianXReader)
Honeyed words poured from the lips of such an arresting temptress… Eyes that scorch with a determined, raging fire that would triumph over Hell’s own… A beautiful, delicate flower bearing a most exquisite soul…
Those words echoed in your head as you watched yourself in the vanity mirror with a blank, unreadable expression, combing out the knots in your hair before you settled in for the night.  Those were the words that had left Sebastian’s lips when one of your guests from dinner earlier that evening had asked what he had lured him to having chosen you as his ‘wife.’  Spoken with perfection—as to be expected from a demon.  After all, the contract that tied you to him specified that he make everything perfect for you, just as written in fairytales: The perfect wife, with the perfect husband, in the perfect home, with the perfect life.
Oh, how you had grinned and giggled, wrapping your arms around one of Sebastian
:iconsilyabeeodess:SilyaBeeodess 84 16
Final Dance - PromAU(JeanxReader)
~Read the Intro First~
You were content with sitting at the table and watching your friends pair up with each other until someone tapped your shoulder and cleared their throat. You turned your head, your (e/c) eyes wide in surprise and saw....
Jean Kirstein, shit-eating smirk on his face as per usual, a mischievous glint in his golden eyes as he pulled you up from your seat without hesitation. "Let's dance."
Your (e/c) eyes widened in shock as he pulled you onto the dance floor and encased you in his embrace none-too-gently. x The music started to play and he confidently swayed the two of you from side to side. You found yourself avoiding his hungry gaze as you focused on calming your pounding heart.
Jean Kirschtein, the quarterback for the Recon Corps football team, had
:iconkrebony:krebony 153 35
ALL HAIL THE MIGHTY GODOKA :iconnekozneko:nekozneko 2,243 112 Pastel Sailor Moon cuties :iconnekozneko:nekozneko 2,969 87
touch. | merman!rin matsuoka
touch. | merman!rin matsuoka х gn!reader
Rin's known you for ages now. You live in house just near the docks. He can see your house from the docks, and sometimes, he can see you through the window. You often come down to sit on the dock and stare into the sea.
He thinks humans are pretty weird, loafing around rather than hunting for food. But hey, he's weird too, because instead of catching fish to feed his family, he finds himself taking time out to hang out with a human.
The merman didn't know why he felt so comfortable around you – maybe it's because you're so sweet and pleasant to be with — but he's not complaining. He fancies you.
"Rin-Rin!" His ears perk up at your voice, and you hug him from behind. He grunts at the nickname you bestowed upon him.
During the first encounter, Rin told you his name, but you couldn't understand his language, so you gave him a name in your own language. It was Rin. He can understand a bit of the human language, so he knew
:iconabsolute-emperor:Absolute-Emperor 427 90
[GG] Danny X Reader
   “Kevin what the FUCK?! NO. YOU DON’T ACTUALLY- Oh my sweet fucking lord.” You groaned, face palming deeply with your incredible annoyance.
    “What?” Kevin asked innocently, mouth currently stuffed full of a single massive marshmallow, making his speech slightly slurred.
    “I cannot believe you. Just because you SEE the slogan doesn’t mean you DO the slogan!” You scolded, giving him a look a mother would to a child doing wrong.
    Rolling your chair over to him, you snatched the package out of his hands and slapped his overstuffed cheeks lightly. Pushing yourself back to your spot, you leaned back in the sleek black rolling chair and looked over the front of the packaging with a scoff.
    “I bet you don’t have the space to fit me in your face. What the hell kind of slogan is that?!” You questioned.
:iconsheeriridescence:SheerIridescence 91 16
Character Design - Punk Sailor Moon :iconmeomai:MeoMai 927 40 Just another day :icontryingtofly:Tryingtofly 707 12
Soggy Kisses - {Makoto Tachibana X Reader}
A few weeks had past since your joining of the Iwatobi Swim Club, summer was in full swing as was your crush on the Swim Club captain. While you worked most days in the blazing heat you always found time to swim with your newfound friends. You were introduced to the team manager Gou, and the two of you instantly hit it off, giggling about muscles and backs and everything in-between. Gou had taken to you nicely, maybe it was because she wouldn’t have to be the only girl anymore, or maybe it was because you actually called her Kou, either way she was a friend that was there for you when you needed.
It was another day at work and you were busy grinding your teeth and cursing under your breath at the two people who still remained in the pool. It was an overcast day with off and on rain that chilled everyone to the bone your co-workers were held up in the lifeguard shack bundled up in their thin towels while you were up in the stand watching the two boys play back and forth. You growl
:iconsomewheresunday:somewheresunday 261 15



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I'm leaving DeviantArt permanently. I can't keep up with schoolwork and I haven't had time to write in weeks. To those who issued a request, I'm really sorry that I couldn't do it...I hope you forgive me. I'm not deleting, so for the few who actually like my stuff, it'll still be up. I'll be on for the rest of the night to tie up loose ends.

Good luck, loves.

- Sio


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